Trigger Points Therapy

We often experience muscle pain in various areas of our body. This may be due to overloads, muscle injury, and prolonged muscle contraction. When our muscles are overworked, tiny knots known as Trigger Points are developed. These are points where, when applied with pressure, the person will feel pain in that local area or pain in a different area known as referred pain. Trigger points are very annoying and are common with athletes and field workers. It is often developed in the shoulders, upper back, neck, arms, and legs and is characterized by tiny lumps in the muscles.

Over time, physiotherapists have developed Trigger point patterns and have familiarized on the diagnosis and therapy. Therapists easily determine Trigger Points when the client twitch in pain when they apply pressure on the area or when there is heat difference on that specific area. They would now determine how to treat the muscle pain the patient is experiencing based on their patterns and catalogs of common trigger points.

There are different ways to treat Trigger Points: by injection with anaesthetics, steroids, or saline; and by Trigger Point Massage therapy. With the two options of treatment, massage therapy is ideal and is safer.  Massaging these areas would not only relieve the pain but also redevelop the muscles and regain the strength that was lost. Regular massaging of the points would restore proper formation and elongation of the muscles in time.

The results of the massage therapy may differ with the type of professional therapist you engaged. You must ensure the right choice of therapist when applying for “Trigger Points” therapy. Improper massaging of the chronic areas may lead to further damage of the twisted muscle or additional damage to soft tissues and organs. Eliminate the irritating Trigger Points the right and safest way, visit your professional massage therapist, and live a painless life.


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